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Spaghetti And Meatball Poppers Just Made Forks A Thing Of The Past (Photos)

Oh, Bite It!Oh, Bite It!

Oh, Bite It!

If you’re more of the eat-with-your-hands type, this recipe, courtesy of food blog Oh, Bite It! has your name all over it.

Amy Erickson, queen of interesting food mashups (she masterminded those grilled cheese fries and the deep-fried pumpkin spice latte bites), brings us a carb lover’s dream come true: spaghetti and meatball poppers.

Like the name suggests, these pasta balls are bite-sized, so you can just pop ‘em in your mouth sans utensils.

The only ingredients required are pretty much on par with what you’d need to make regular spaghetti and meatballs — in fact, the only extra ingredient you’ll need is egg, which is used to hold the carb nests together in their muffin-tin beds.


Get the full recipe here, and be sure to share with yours truly once you make ‘em.

First, get your ingredients and tools together.


Boil and drain the pasta. Let it cool.


Meanwhile, combine egg, sauce, seasoning and parmesan cheese. Mix well.


Pour sauce mixture onto spaghetti and stir well.


Line muffin tins with the pasta, and stick a (fully cooked) meatball in each pasta nest.


Pop ‘em in the oven for half an hour.


Let the bite-sized spaghetti bundles cool.


And then stuff your face.


Bon appétit.


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