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Kris Jenner Just Got Her Very Own Talk Show

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More proof that you’re never, ever, going to be rid of the Kardashians: Kris Jenner just got a talk show order from Twentieth Century Fox. It’ll be called Kris, of course.

Ashton Kutcher went so far into his method acting and research to play Steve Jobs that he wound up in the hospital after trying Jobs’ extreme diet.

Whoa, mega burn: Jennifer Aniston’s hair stylist has left her for Kim Kardashian It’s like Angelina & Brad all over again!

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Holy crap: Taye Diggs fought off a home invader last night all by himself.

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When asked about the rumor that he’d be playing Lance Armstrong in a movie, Bradley Cooper replied, “that’s so nuts!” (Do you think he chose those words on, um, purpose?)


Natalie Portman looks cute as Miss Cherie Dior, right?

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Rick Ross crashed his car into a building last night after fleeing from a gunman who drove up to his car and opened fire last night. He did not sustain any injuries.

Kris Humphries went ahead and got proof that he doesn’t have herpes.

Courtney Love covered “99 Problems,” yeeeesh.

Hugh Hefner’s longtime secretary Mary O’Connor has died.

Norah Jones will perform “Everybody Needs A Friend” from Ted at the Oscars.

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean got into it last night.

There’s going to be a Malcolm In The Middle reunion on Breaking Bad.

Michelle Williams is refusing to confirm a Destiny’s Child reunion at the Super Bowl, for whatever reason.

Amber Tamblyn’s cameo in Django Unchained was a “friend thing”, she says.

O.J. Simpson has not been paying his taxes.

Sunny Cross — who you might recognize from MTV’s Catfish — was arrested for a DWI.

Anne Hathaway got emotional while talking about how much she loves her husband.

Rihanna showed a new clothing line at London Fashion Week.

Mama June first met Sugar Bear online.

Morrissey was hospitalized with a bleeding ulcer.

What actually happened to Jennifer Lawrence’s dress last night?

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