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22 Reasons Why Wawa Is The Greatest Gas Station On The Planet

Wawa is the greatest gas station convenience store in existence.

And this is what happens when I see one on the road.

1. It started as a dairy over 100 years ago in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

But eventually transitioned into a charming community convenience store.

Which turned into this gloriousness.

Please stand in awe.

2. The layout inside is open and spacious.

3. So that you can order this deliciousness with ease.

Wawa hoagies come in three sizes with adorable names.

Their hoagies are so popular, Mitt Romney ordered one.

Getty Images

“Holy shit, those look delicious.”

Getty Images

Romney was so impressed, he ate his hoagie like this:

Their healthy wraps are so fresh and so clean, clean.

Are you joking here? Brilliant.

Breakfast sandwiches rock too.

Your aunt’s parrot cannot even resist a Wawa sandwich.

4. Wawa is so clean, you can see your reflection in the floors.

5. OK, on to Wawa coffee.

When we’re driving and people ask to go get coffee somewhere else, I’m like:

Every store has exactly 9,000 different brews of coffee.

6. And delicious mixers for your tasting pleasure!

Caramel brew? Am I in heaven?

7. No, because true heaven is Pumpkin Spice.

It is more delicious than any coffee you have ever had.

No, seriously, freak out about it like Michelle Malkin & Stephen Gutowski.

And this is what I am like when the Pumpkin Spice season ends.

8. They will make you specialty coffee drinks, like their salted caramel latte.

Iced cinnamon.

Chocolate love drizzle.

9. And they have the best promotions!

10. Wawa coffee is so good, they package their own blend. #swag.

Your mom says, “I always loved you best.”

Wawa is an Ojibwe Indian word for Canada Goose, which is their mascot.

In honor of Katherine Grady.

11. This is the mascot dancing with customers.

12. Wawa also has other delicious snacky foods.

Like mac ‘n’ cheese!

This is what the Wawa Dairy looks like today.

13. Because Wawa still has its own dairy, it has amazing dairy products — like its own ice cream!

The ice cream is so delicious, you must eat it like this:

They even want to give your dad free ice cream.

14. Best part? You get to custom-order your freakin’ stuff digitally at a kiosk!

Are you kidding me right now?

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