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21 Supermarket Fails That Will Make You Think Twice About Where You Buy Your Groceries

Having spent many years working in a supermarket, I find shopping for groceries to be a truly tedious task.

Every time I walked into the store I worked at, force of habit would kick in and I’d spend time talking to coworkers and even straightening out things on the shelves! Since then, I’ve adapted a simpler method to grocery shopping: get in, get out.

But, I might need to start spending more time spiffing things up if any of the advertising or merchandise compares to these supermarket fails. Check out these 21 hilarious photos that will leave you scratching your head as to how any of these things actually happened.

1. Morrisons sure knows how to appeal to their clientele.

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2. Because nothing says Valentine’s Day like a crate full of cucumbers.

3. I can’t stop laughing at the slogan and placement of this cough drop ad.

4. I’m afraid to ask what the secret ingredient is.

5. I’ve searched high and low, but can’t seem to find these at any of my local grocery stores.

6. Neither option seems ideal…

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7. These bakers forgot to leave a hole in these donuts.

8. Someone’s getting fired for this back-to-school mix-up.

9. We live in a world full of geniuses.

10. I’m a bit worried about what fun comes about from bananas at night.

11. This health-conscious grocery store provides a warning with its sweets.

12. This guy had one job…

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13. The name isn’t misleading at all.

14. I’m really confused about when this Tesco is open.

15. I don’t think these are the bottles parents had in mind for their children.

16. What should I use the next time I want to make lemonade?

17. This sympathy card has a funny way of showing it.

18. It’s not about the size, it’s how you use it!

19. There is such a thing as oversharing…

20. That’s quite a unique flavor profile.

21. I wouldn’t dare pick something up with my hands…that’s just preposterous!

It really makes you wonder who they’re employing at these places…

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